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The New Old Media

Cover page of 3D infographic

They say newspaper is dead. They say Internet is everything. Everyone is drawing infographics. Everyone is rushing to “HTML5”. Everyone is building interactive web-apps. Is there any alternative?

3D Printed Infographics for the Blind

We see more and more fancy infographics nowadays. While you and me enjoy this way of getting information, the visually-challenged Internet users are neglected for years! At Initium Lab, we believe that the equal access to information is essential to building a fair and proliferated world. Following up the Legco Matrix project, we turned the huge 70 by 70 heatmap into a physical one with 3D printing technology (Tech support by MakeBlock).

Blue 3D-printed heatmap, similar to a geographical model, representing values with height.
A series of 3d-printers on a table, printing the 3D infographic.
Hu Pili, Data Scientist of Initium Lab, display the 3D infographic to an audience in City Univeristy of Hong Kong.

SmartPaper: Interaction between cyber and physical world

The advantage of newspaper as a medium is its large area, making it easier to create visual impact and to present details. However, newspapers are static. Once printed, the content stays the same. The advantage of smart phones is their ability to connect to the Internet. However, the screen is much smaller compared to traditional media like magazines, let alone newspaper.

How to leverage the strengths of both media? The answer is simple: We can use sensors on smartphone to bridge the cyber and physical world. The printed media creates visual impact and the smartphone adds additional information on demand.