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BlockChain and automatic trading

Hong Kong
Unit 1907, Prosperity Millennia Plaza, 663 King's Road, Hong Kong
William Lau and Roy Zhang

Bitcoin trading could be profitable for beginners and professionals, where arbitrage and margin trading are widely available. Over recent years, many investors are exploring the market and try make money by such trading. In this talk, William will share some basic concepts about Blockchain, Bitcoin and Bitcoin exchanges, and reveal some secrets about his ongoing auto trading side project. While Roy will run a live demo for showing his Bitcoin trading strategies, to bring insights to participants about the potential profitability can be generated.

BlockChain BitCoin

About the Speakers

William Lau, Backend Engineer at Initium Media, has worked for a startup with some projects related to cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Recently, he has a side-project running on the cloud to explore the potential of auto-trading with Bitcoin.

Roy Zhang, an independent cyber security researcher, has worked at HSBC network department. Now he is serving as a part-time backend developer in FountainVest.


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Shared Slides

The slides from William Lau: