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React-Native Custom Components and Monetisation

Hong Kong
Unit 1907, Prosperity Millennia Plaza, 663 King's Road, Hong Kong
Cat Jia and Jay Pun

React-Native is getting more and more attention in developing cross-platform Apps. We have invited two practitioners of React-Native to share their recent experience. Cat (Zhaohui) Jia will brief about building custom React Native components, as well as overcoming some actual limitations. Jay will give a guide on how to monetize apps with Admob, Facebook ads, Revmob, and he will review the painful process linking those SDKs to React Native and share insights about monetisation. Code examples will also be provided.

Mobile Application Development iOS development

About the Speakers

Zhaohui Jia (Cat), iOS developer of Lion Finance. Always try to create works with high quality and take good care of details.

Jay Pun, React Native Developer, former System Analyst from Sylinghim Tech Limited, a financial website for stock screening using fundamental and technical analysis.


(Cover image credits to Jeff Lau)

Shared Slides

Sample Code

If you are interested to know more about the sample code presented on the event, please go and click on the following Github link:

Cat’s source code

Jay’s source code .