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Facebook App Download Conversion

Is it effective to convert your Facebook audience to App users via piggybacked download links in page post? As media operators, it might be one of their concerns that matter.

The short answer from Initium’s experience is NO.

When we initially designed the format of Facebook page posting, the footer was for iOS and Android downloading links. The purpose, which is quite apparent, is to convert our Facebook audience to App users.

The careful readers might find out that we have removed this formatting convention since mid-2016 (i.e. excluding App downloading links from regular post of news articles), except that downloading links are piggybacked in special posts like events.

Does it lower our Apps growth? The following two figures illustrate the effect. Each point represents a week; Horizontal axis is the number of in-post links; Vertical axis is the number of App downloads. The conclusion is the number of piggybacked downloading links does not positively correlate with App downloads. For Android, we even see a slight negative correlation.

Why doesn’t “more links” help? One reason is probably users are used to their own platforms and do not find it necessary to move to other platforms. If the user heavily relies on acquiring information from social network, which is the case for most of our Facebook engagements, she/he is less likely to feel the need to use a news App on a daily basis.

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